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Technical Specifications:


ALARM INPUTS: 10 potential free contacts normally opened or closed, programmable per channel.
    The inputs are optical isolated from the power supply, the channel outputs and the group outputs.
    The common is internally connected with the commons of the other inputs.

GROUP INPUTS: 3 potential free contacts or outputs from other annunciators.

INPUT DELAY: 0-99 seconds selectable per channel.

LOCK INPUTS: 3 potential free contacts or outputs from other annunciators.

LOCK DELAY: 0-99 seconds selectable per channel.

FIRST FAIL ALARM: Channels can be selected to be in the “first-fail” mode, by programming.
    Indication on the front display by pressing the “FF” key).

ACCEPT HORN INPUT: External pushbutton (potential free).
ACCEPT FLASH INPUT: External pushbutton (potential free).

SYNC INPUT: Synchronization input from other annunciators for sync of the flash.

GENERAL: All inputs can be triggered by potential free contacts, or open collector outputs from other annunciators.
    Input current: 10mA@24VDC.


CHANNEL OUTPUTS: Per channel one open collector output. Programmable as LED copy, before or after time delay.
    Outputs are optically isolated.

GROUP OUTPUTS: 3 optically isolated open-collector outputs. Each channel can be programmed in these groups.

GENERAL: All outputs are open-collector types and optical isolated from the power supply and the inputs.
    The outputs are short protected to common and transient voltages. MAX LOAD: 50mA DC at max 50V.

INDICATION LEDS: 10 high efficiency red LEDS (2 pieces per indication) for alarm.
    4 LED displays for programming the unit and first-fail indication.

HORN OUTPUT: SPDT relay contact, programmable as OFF, PULSING or CONTINUOUS. 1A / 50VDC.


POWER INDICATION: Moving dot in the 7-segments displays. (continuous self-test)

CONFIGURATION: De unit is easy to program using the 4 keys at the front panel (via enter-code or external input).

CHANNEL TEXTS: On replaceable paper text card.(included)

LAMP TEST: By switching on the annunciator or by pressing the “LT” key.

CONNECTIONS: By means of industrial removable connectors to 2,5 mm2.

SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 18-36V (24V typical).
    Internal 5V by means of a galvanic isolated (1500V) high efficiency (80%) DC-DC converter.
    EMI conforms to EN 55022,CISPR 22 level B.

INTERNAL FUSE: Glass fuse 250mA.

POWER CONSUMPTION: Max. 3 Watt (1,5W typ.)

ENCLOSURE: Standard DIN enclosure with panel clips.

Dimensions: 144x72x175mm (HxWxD), PANEL CUT OUT: 139x67mm (HxW)


RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 98% not condensing.

CE: This product conforms to EMC directive 93/68/EEG. EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1 EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2

WEKAMarine Alarmannunciator SERIE-6000

The alarmannunciator type 6000 is a complete annunciator, suitable for 10 normally open or normally closed contacts.
This unit can be used as a stand-alone or as a complete system by adding more units.

Alarms are displayed by 10 high-efficiency LED’s. Flashing and the horn can be accepted separately by 2 pushbuttons or externally.

The unit is continuously performing an internal function test, indicated by the moving dots on the display.
Alarm texts are written on a paper text card and can be placed in the window behind the front panel.
The annunciator is equipped with an automatic dimming device.

TYPE APPROVED BY: Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Register of Shipping & Bureau Veritas. (approvals expired)

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